Thermal Network Example

  • A sol­id-insu­lat­ed, infi­nite­ly long tubu­lar cop­per con­duc­tor is enclosed by a hous­ing. In the gap between the sol­id insu­la­tion and the hous­ing, oil func­tions as an insu­lat­ing gas

    Cross Section of the Conductor

    Fig. 1 Cross Sec­tion of the Conductor

  • In the ther­mal net­work, the process­es of con­duc­tion, radi­a­tion and con­vec­tion are emu­lat­ed depen­dent­ly on the geom­e­try of the arrange­ment, the time-depen­dent envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions and the load cur­rent that the arrange­ment is exposed to. While doing so, the ther­mal capac­i­ty of the arrange­ment is tak­en into account.

    Thermal network of the Arrangement

    Fig. 2 Ther­mal net­work of the Arrangement

    Performance of the Solar and Sky Radiation

    Fig. 3 Per­for­mance of the Solar and Sky Radiation

    Load Current

    Fig. 4 Load Current

  • The tem­per­a­ture cal­cu­la­tions are car­ried out dynam­i­cal­ly and depen­dent­ly on time.

    Calculated Temperatures

    Fig. 5 Cal­cu­lat­ed Temperatures


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