© THETA Ingenieurbüro GmbH 2019 | Privacy Policy Pressure Network Library Example   An arc fault occurs in a fuctional unit. The functional unit vents through a pressure relief area into a substation building. The building vents into the ambience through it’s own pressure relief area (see Fig. 1). In the pressure network (see Fig. 2) arc power-, volume- and pressure relief elements simulate the electrical (see Fig. 3) and geometric boundary conditions. Thereby the simulation takes delay effects and reflections into account. Calculation of pressure (see Fig. 4,5) happens dynamically and time dependent Arrangement Fig. 1: Arrangement Thermal Network of the arrangement Fig. 2: Thermal Network of    the arrangement Arc power Fig. 3: Arc power Calculated overpressure in the functional unit Fig. 4: Overpressure in the   functional unit Fig. 5: Overpressure in the   building (Click on an image to enlarge it) Back
Calculated overpressure in the building